my name is Daniel Florian Mikulasch, i am a visual artist  from the Baldwin Village area of Los Angeles and I hope you enjoy my art and creations.

My Artworks
I am self taught and most of my pieces are done in acrylic on either canvas or wood panel. Some earlier works were painted with watercolor or oil. Subject matter are images i have in my mind and i do my best to recreate those visions and turn them into beautiful pieces of art. I started painting i think to show the world that i can do something special. I was bullied heavily throughout my early life and early teens and i think that triggered and inspired my creative energies to find ways to express and let out my feelings and also do something that not everybody can do. So i started doing anything that lets me create, from making beats and deejaying to some weak graffiti and eventually the visual fine arts. Then in my early 20s painting became an everyday part of my life for me and i started noticing one thing: Art attracts women. And in reverse, the female friends my art attracted also fed my creative energies. Then as the years went on, my craft and conscious grew and my subject matter started to include my world and political views. Decades have past now and my lil hobby and lady-magnet has morphed into art shows, festivals, murals and this lil internet shop here. Even though i might not be the most skilled artist, my art is original and from the bottom of my heart. I guarantee that my art will brighten up your living quarters and impress whoever views those pieces, because that is the energy that is manifested in my paintings. You want something unique? You've found it.


Wisdom, Strength, Love, Happiness, Peace
Throughout this site you will see the words: Wisdom, Strength, Love, Happiness and Peace. It's something that came to me one day when i was painting and thinking about life and how to get it right. And this is what my heart told me:
First you ask the universe for Wisdom on what to do in life. Then ask for the Strength and gather the Strength to go out and do what the Wisdom has instructed you to do. Whatever that is, do it with Love. And doing what you Love to do, will bring you Happiness. And having lived life in Happiness will bring you Peace in the end.
The WSLHP Collection

The idea steams from my belief that words and symbols have a power within them and the once theory of quantum physics has long been established to be a scientifically proven fact. Combining the 2 is a powerful arrangement for the benefit of ones well being and others around you.


 Wisdom, Strength, Love, Happiness, Peace



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